Donation List

We will be accepting donations at the Fairfields Primary School playground on Tuesday 23rd of November in the morning before school.

Please donate one of the items based on your child’s year group:

Year FS & Year 1:– Biscuits (shop bought)
– Chocolates (shop bought)
– Christmas Wrapping Paper
– Wrapped Sweets
Year 2:– Craft Supplies / Ribbon / Glitter
– Cake Decorations (Edible)
Year 3:– Mince Pie (shop bought)
– Christmas Wrapping Paper
Year 4:– Napkins / Paper cups + lids / Paper Plates
– Christmas Decorations (tinsel, bauble, etc)
Year 5:– Canned Soft Drinks
– Fruitshoots
Year 6:– Wine / Bottled Alcohol drinks
– Bottled Soft Drinks
General (any year)– Christmas Crackers
– Fairy lights (battery powered)
– New toys / children’s books
– New AA / AAA Batteries
  • Please check the expiration date on all donations!